Support Services Division

The Operations Division is organized into two patrol shifts and functions on a 12 hour schedule. Each shift is comprised of two squads. The shifts are commanded by a captain and each squad is supervised by a lieutenant and sergeant. Fifty-one officers, including the four DARE officers, are assigned to the division. The Operations Division is also home to the department's two K-9s and their handlers. 

Flexible Unit

In 2011, a FLEX (short for flexible) unit was created. The officers and Sergeant assigned to FLEX supplement patrol, target specific crime patterns and investigate narcotics. Two part-time employees assigned to the division perform the parking enforcement function.

Support Services

The Support Services Division includes the Criminal Investigations Section which is commanded by a captain and supervised by a sergeant. The section consists of four case investigators and a domestic violence and child abuse specialist. Also included in the division is an administrative captain, a sergeant that serves as the property and evidence custodian, three clerical personnel, the animal control service, and three part-time school crossing guards.


Among the services provided to the community by the Department are:

Specialized Assignments

There are several specialized assignments within the patrol division. Some of the specialized assignments are:

  • TRU or Tactical Response Unit, a group of highly trained officers who are called upon to respond to incidents of a higher than normal risk factor or that will consume more time than a typical call for service
  • Bicycle patrol officers, who utilize mountain bikes to patrol their specific area
  • Accident investigators or reconstructionists, who investigate causes and events related to serious motor vehicle accidents
  • Canine officers, who perform regular patrol duties in addition to special services afforded by the canine's abilities
  • FLEX or "flexible" unit who supplement patrol, direct enforcement to particular crime trends and investigate narcotics violations
  • Field training officers (FTOs) are responsible for a thirteen-week training program that the newly hired officers begin after attending the 23 week law enforcement academy.