Property Taxes

Property Taxes

The Finance Office collects property taxes for the City of Frankfort itself and also Frankfort Independent Schools.  The property values are determined by the Franklin County Property Valuation Administrator and are valued at 100% of the fair market value as of January 1 of each year.

 Taxes are available by November 1st of every year and due by Dec. 31st.  Payments received before November 30th will receive a 2% discount. All payments received or postmarked after the due date will be subject to a 10% penalty plus interest.

  • Taxes are updated daily.
  • If your property tax is in escrow or paid through a mortgage company, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide the aforementioned with the proper information. To assure adequate payment, please supply your mortgage company with the tax bill promptly.
  • If you feel there is an error with your assessment or that you may be eligible for an exemption, please contact the Franklin County PVA: 
  • Any changes to your mailing address must also be made to the Franklin County PVA.


Property bills may be searched and paid online:

Please contact our office to verify delinquent tax information by Phone: 502-875-8500 or Email:


The City of Frankfort is pleased to offer customers a variety of ways to pay their property taxes.  

For all types of payments other than those paid online the top portion of your bill should be included with your payment. 

The City reserves the right to return any payment that is incorrect, is not payment in full, or payment that does not include bill stub or does not specify property being paid.  

Payment Option Information

Tax Rates

Tax rates for the City are determined each year by the Board of Commissioners based on recommendations from the Finance Director.  Frankfort Independent Schools are responsible for setting the old city school tax rates.

Tax Rates Table 2022