Enhanced 911

Explanation of the "E"

The “E” in front of “911” indicates that we are “Enhanced.” What that means is that whenever someone dials 911 from a regular telephone (not a cell phone), the name of the person that telephone is billed to, their address, and their phone number appears on a screen in front of the dispatcher. This can be very valuable to us in cases where the caller is unable to provide this information.

Phase II Center

We are a "Phase II" certified 911 Center. That means that when you dial 911 from a wireless (cellular) phone, we will receive your phone number and an approximate latitude and longitude of your cell phone. This is plotted onto a map which can assist us in locating the caller should they be unable to provide that information.

"911" should not be entered into a phone as a pre-set or "one button" function as this often leads to accidental calls. All accidental calls are treated as real emergencies until the dispatcher can verify otherwise.

About the Agency

The EDC is a non-profit, publicly owned agency that is under the direction of the City of Frankfort. Funding is provided through local taxes and through a 911 surcharge. This surcharge is pursuant to KRS 65.760 and is currently set at $1 per month to be paid by each exchange telephone subscriber in the City of Frankfort on an individual line basis limited to a maximum of twenty-five exchange lines per account effective July 1, 2001 (Frankfort Municipal Code 9.52.030 - “E911” Fee).

Smart 911

Frankfort's dispatch center also utilizes Smart 911 technology. You can register your household and any special concerns you and your loved one's have. Someone in your household may have medical issues that you could register. Or a loved one could be bedridden and immobile. Having this information immediately available to dispatchers could help the dispatchers get the proper resources to them more quickly in their time of need. Registration is free, simple and can be done online.