Building & Construction

Building Permits & Inspections

Building permits and inspections in the city are administered though Planning & Community Development. Site plan review and Certificates of Occupancy are also coordinated under the building permit process.

Small projects, such as new fences or storage buildings under 200-sq.ft., require a zoning permit in lieu of a building permit.

Large-scale Projects

Structures that meet any of the following criteria require review by the Commonwealth's Department of Housing, Building, & Construction - 502.573.0365. 

  • ≥20,000 square feet
  • ≥3 floors/stories
  • ≥100 occupancy load

A local building permit is also required after the State has reviewed and approved the plans for those requiring State inspections.


Plumbing review and approval is also administered through the State's Division of Plumbing - 502.573.0397. 


HVAC permitting and inspections are conducted through the Commonwealth's Division of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditions (HVAC) - 502-573.0395.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections within the City of Frankfort are conducted through Franklin County Planning, Zoning, & Building Code Enforcement - 502.875.8701.