TIGER Project

TOTAL PROJECT COST    $12,365,000

TIGER FUNDS                    $7,990,000

LOCAL MATCH                   $4,375,000


On March 6, 2018 the City of Frankfort was notified that it would be awarded $7.99 million in federal TIGER Grant money to improve the 2nd Street corridor.  In the application submitted in October of 2017 the City described the request as follows:

The City of Frankfort, Kentucky, requests $7,990,000 in U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) funding for a $12,365,000 multimodal project that will put its Second Street Corridor (U.S. 60, a federal highway route) on a road diet and boost economic development in a distressed neighborhood separated from the downtown. Grant funds will be used to construct new or improve existing sidewalks and bike lanes, increase access for seniors and persons with disabilities, enhance the streetscape, and reduce stormwater runoff. 


  • Better manage traffic on the Second Street Corridor by eliminating underused travel lanes, reducing turning radii and other traffic calming measures;
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety with wider sidewalks, shorter crosswalks and bike lanes;
  • Expand access to bus transit facilities for low-income residents, senior citizens and persons with disabilities;
  • Strengthen connections with the state capitol building and downtown to attract tourists and visitors to the commercial corridor on Second Street;
  • Enhance streetscapes to encourage brownfields cleanup and mixed-use development;
  • Separate the combined sanitary and stormwater system to reduce sewer overflows during heavy rainfalls; and
  • Reduce stormwater runoff entering the drainage system to minimize impacts on the Kentucky River.


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    TIGER Grant Project Manager
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