Public Meeting Documents, Exhibits, and Feedback

A public information event was conducted on Thursday, May 30th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the River Room of the Paul Sawyier Public Library. Those who were able to attend were provided a trifold with general information about the project, a feedback questionnaire for roadway design options, and colored stickers for indicating streetscape preferences.

SECOND STREET (US 60) CORRIDOR Project Questionnaire Responses

Additional Comments:

  • Urging improvements to safety at the Ewing Intersection.
  • Does not want an all stop at Shelby or Steele, really wants public art.
  • Strongly prefers on-street bike lanes, doesn't feel shared paths are safe. Would like to improve safety when turning onto Capital Avenue from Battle Alley.  Happy to work with planners to showcase (and protect) the Gooch House as a historic Frankfort treasure!
  • More public art, lights that create less light pollution, benches from recycled materials.
  • 4 comments wanting us to consider adding an entrance to Conway parking lot from Second St.
  • Remove existing building(s) and turn Conway Street, Bridge Street and Second St. into a true 4-leg intersection.
  • Keep East Main two way all the way.
  • Believes that the three turning lanes heading southbound on Capital Ave will play a big role in the future connectivity of Park Access.

Open Ended Comments:

  • Can anything be done about turns out of Battle Alley onto Capital Ave?
  • What happens when the Capital Ave Bridge closes for repairs for 5 months?