Cove Spring Park

100 Cove Spring Road (Lower Cove) (MAP IT HERE)

100 Cedar Cove Road (Upper Cove) (MAP IT HERE)

Frankfort, KY 40601



Park Overview

Cove Spring Park & Nature Preserve consists of approximately 240 acres of wetlands, streams, springs, waterfalls, forested ravines and other natural and historic features. The park is a nature lovers paradise and is located at the northern city limits off US 127/Holmes Street. The park is intended for activities such as walking, hiking, nature observation, environmental education, picnicking and other passive activities. The park is separated into 3 areas, lower cove, upper cove, and the wetlands area. Lower Cove provides parking, access to trails, restrooms, historic areas, and children's memorial. Upper Cove provides parking, access to trails, portable restrooms, paved walking trail (Sky Trail), an archery range and scenic overlooks. The park is a nature preserve and much of the park was purchased with a grant from the Kentucky Office of Nature Preserves. Please help us protect this natural gem by heeding the park rules and regulations (See below).     

Park Features and Amenities

  • Three miles of natural hiking trails and elevated walkways with interpretive signs (A portion of trail is handicapped accessible)
  • Two interpretive shelters with displays on the natural and historic features of the park/preserve.
  • Shelter and picnic facilities (Upper and Lower Sections) (To reserve a shelter, see CIVICREC)
  • Children’s Memorial
  • Archery Range, including a 3D archery range
  • Sky Trail (Paved Walking Trail)
  • Restrooms (Lower Cove Only)
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Scenic Overlooks
  • Waterfalls
  • Wetland Areas

Park Rules and Regulations

Cove Spring Park Rules and Regulations

Shelter Reservations

To reserve a shelter, create a CIVICREC account here.

Further Information & Contact

Please call us at 502-875-8575 or email email us.

3D Archery Range is CLOSED for the season.

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