Who is responsible for street trees?

Street trees are defined as trees that are located within the right-of-way. Responsibilities for street trees are divided between the city and the owner of the property adjacent to the street tree.


In order to keep the City streets and sidewalks safe for the public, the City is authorized to remove dead street trees in the right-of-way and may remove street trees or limbs from street trees when, in the opinion of the City Arborist, Public Works Director, or his/her designee, they threaten imminent danger to the public in the right-of-way, street, or sidewalk.


Where a street tree does not interfere with sidewalk or street traffic or pose a threat to public rights-of-way, but may pose a concern to the Owner of the adjacent properties, remediation of that tree concern shall be the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The adjacent property owner shall obtain a permit for any removal or substantial pruning of street trees.

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