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Aquatic Center - Daycare/Group Attendance Request Form

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  5. Payment*

    The Aquatic Center can only accept payments via credit card. All other payment types must be handled by the main office.

  6.  - The group rate is $5.00 per person

     - Daycares must bring sufficient staff to assist with supervision of the kids

     - Requests must be made at least one week in advance

     - All daycares/groups must have an approved request form with payment agreement on file prior to the visit

     - All daycares/groups must have a bus or vehicle on site in case of inclement weather. If we close the pool due to inclement weather, everyone must exit the facility and we do not have any covered spaces.

  7. Aquatic Center management reserves the right to deny requests or change dates or times of the request based on availabliity.
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