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Outfield Banner Sponsorship Request Form

  1. Donate to the Parks and Recreation Foundation to support local baseball and softball with an outfield banner or team sponsorship!
  2. Please select sponsorship level below:
  3. 3x5 Banner - $250
  4. Payment Options (see additional information below):
  5. Credit Card

    Submit this request form and your business card or design electronically and follow the steps below to complete the credit card payment. 

    • Within 72 hours of submitting this form, visit the Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites foundation website to make your donation (link below). 
    • Select General Fund. 
    • For the donation amount, click on "Other" and enter the banner amount of the options you selected above. 
    • In the "Special Program/Project" field, please note the donation is for a banner. We will receive notice once your payment is processed, and we will submit your order.
  6. Mail

    Submit this request form and your business card of design electronically. Within 72 hours, mail payment made out to the Frankfort Parks Foundation to the address below:

    Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Department
    800 Louisville Road
    Frankfort, KY 40601

  7. Terms

    Banner Terms: 

    - Sponsor to submit high resolution logo and other pertinent information for banner design to: or within this form.

    - Frankfort Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites personnel will coordinate banner design and provide a proof to sponsor contact person

    - Banner time period will be for the Spring & Fall season of youth athletics (April-October) - park personnel will install and remove banner as necessary

    - All banners placed on outfield fences - no exceptions

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